Furniture Warranty


  •    All items purchased direct from our showroom or from our website are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty of 12 months, 24 months or 36 months depending on the product (unless advised otherwise by a Commercial Furniture Design representative). This warranty covers only faulty workmanship or manufacturing faults.
  •    Warranty is null and void if the items are used outside the parameters that they are specifically designed for or have endured misuse by the customer as determined by Commercial Furniture Design.
  •    No warranty applies to second hand items.
  •    Warranty is not transferable.
  •    Customers are responsible for retaining invoices for warranty purposes. Invoices must be original copies and show date of purchase.
  •    Your warranty is a "REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY". Commercial Furniture Design will decide on the appropriate action to take with faulty items.  Each claim will be dealt with on an individual basis.
  •    To claim warranty on a faulty product, photographic images must be sent via email as soon as the fault is discovered, along with written details of the defect/s.
  •    Warranty is void under the following circumstances: misuse, damage occurred during transit after initial delivery or storage, and when there has been an attempt to modify or repair the item by a non-authorised person/agent.


Please note Commercial Furniture Design as an authorised distributor in Australia and only represents the manufacturer regarding warranty claims. If the manufacturer cannot provide the warranty for any reason, Commercial Furniture Design is not responsible or liable to make up the warranty. In the unfortunate circumstances that such an event occurs Commercial Furniture Design will attempt to resolve the issue with the best solution possible for all parties involved.